Above are the first versions of the kinetic painting style. 
The current painting simulations on the internet uses an initial image that is influenced by a velocity field (ex: pyro or flip). 
However, this approach leads to the total destruction of the image. In the same way, dropping red colored ink droplets in water will only temporarily create a turbulent shape, the defusion however will produce a uniform pink solution.
The main goal was to build the painting's temporal cohesion - to keep a recognizable image, by balancing the fluid distortions and the regeneration animation.
Above are some background variations on the Van Gogh theme, that have turbulences with constant position and with contrasting brushes, similar to the Dutch artist style.
This is the velocity field that drives the movement and fusion of the colors.
Is one of many properties that are carefully iterated and controlled to fit the artistic vision
Final Versions

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