- The light decomposition in its colored wavelengths has almost a magical quality. 
- I have researched the light dispersion phenomenon to make lenses that can produce figurative colored images from white light. These lenses will be added on top of different light sources, and similar to a projector will alter the light and output a colored picture. This project is in development. 
- Below are some exercises that explore what light bouncing and light dispersion actually looks like and how it behaves.
Simulation with light waves interacting with scene objects.
​​​​​​​I always try new ideas, techniques, and subjects.
Here I have simulated the path of the individual photons, including the light refraction inside the glass medium, and also the dispersion of the light rays in its different colored wavelengths.
Light dispersion through a pentagonal prism.
Here I have simulated the dispersion of the light rays in their different colored wavelengths, through multiple prisms. Each prism is amplifying the dispersion angle exponentially.

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