- I was always curious to visualize nonintuitive physical elements and phenomena, like time or 4-dimensional objects.
- Moving a point creates a line, moving a line creates a plane, moving a plane creates a parallelepiped, but moving a 3-dimensional shape what does it create?
- It's fun to imagine aliens that have the ability to see in 4 dimensions and try to envision what they could possibly feel.
The first version has 2 seconds of collapsed time, while the second version has 18 seconds of collapsed time.
The bigger the time sequence the more abstract it becomes. The shape is however very fluid.
The shapes of the flying birds are truly abstract sculptures. The model is extremely dynamic, beautifully composed, with contrast, rhythm, repetition, and local symmetries.
This non-sequential, collapsed time is similar to long exposure photography which records the movement by having the temporal data written on film.
I stored this temporal data channel directly on the model, because this allows me to move the camera freely around the subject, and not be restricted to a single angle. The camera can explore this 4-dimensional construct with full 360-degree freedom.
Another distinction between long exposure photography and my approach is that by writing the data directly on the model, I can illustrate how the 4-dimensional shape is being incrementally constructed while the camera is moving around the subject.

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